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Coupe Choux

This is a real time asset for anything you want.

It is a reconstruction of my own razor. (See associated photos)
Made with Blender, alphas with photoshop, texturing on Substance Painter, and Boris Brejcha and Erik Satie for the music. ;)
Contact me if you would like to use it.

Hope you'll like it.

PS : "Coupe choux" is an old french expression for Straight razor.

Robin dousse rendernice
Robin dousse rendernice2
Robin dousse dovosollingen
Robin dousse 22879320 2089407657739714 1737367582 o

Real Razor n°1

Robin dousse 22879165 2089384341075379 1867843931 o

The "fil" of the razor

Robin dousse simple
Robin dousse rendernice2wire